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Single Item Delivery

We all know the feeling — you just bought something great, but it doesn’t fit in the car and you can’t get it home. What’s next? Resist the urge. Please, we beg you, don’t rent a truck just yet.

It can be a hassle to find a company that can move only one item without paying an unnecessary minimum. For a flat rate you can ship one item across town or down the street through our single item delivery service. Each piece is wrapped prior to loading and placed in an enclosed box truck to guarantee a safe delivery. We take great care in treating your stuff just like you do.

In addition to exceptional customer service, as a licensed and insured company, we guarantee first-rate quality on every delivery. We follow an effective procedure to safeguard every object in our care be it a metal folding chair or an armoire. Our rates are reasonable, there are no hidden charges and we disclose all costs upfront before the move. 



Every move is different, so pricing varies according to the details. The exact cost of a delivery is a function of various factors: distance, item type, weight, value, how much protection is necessary, and any obstacles that may arise such as long walks or stairs. Our price includes everything that is required to ship your item from point A to point B safely and securely.


To get started, just fill out our no-cost and no-obligation request form! We kindly ask you to fill out the form with accuracy, ensuring an efficient and smooth experience.  Once completed, we will reach out to you and provide you with a quote. A photo of the item is required for assessing the cost of the delivery. 

Please note we are only able to move furniture and appliances at this time.

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